SPACE: Our space is best-suited for portrait and still life photo shoots, both for natural and studio lighting. We offer a whole 15-foot wall of 7 foot north-facing windows. Always amazing indirect natural light.

JUNGLE: We have a dedicated jungle room with many palm trees and plants like alocacia, cat and majestic palms, rubber plant, ponytail palm, dragon fingers, pothos, succulents and many more. You can shoot in the jungle room, or bring the plants into the main shooting area. Create your own jungle!

EQUIPMENT: We offer Profoto strobe lighting with modifiers like softboxes, umbrellas and silks, as well as continuous lighting like Arri. We have a number of seamless papers of all colors; your first is free. Each additional roll is $25 to use. We have numerous c-stands and kit stands, plus an impact background kit to place your seamless backgrounds anywhere you like.

EXTRAS: Wifi, kitchen, two sofas. Our space is on the second floor & situated just a one-minute walk from the DeKalb stop on the L train and thus close to many restaurants, bars and shops in the Bushwick area.


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